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    Electronic components for robotics, learning and DIY projects

    Maker, passionate of electronic, engineer or teacher that you are, welcome to the MakerZONE section on the electronics, where you can find small electronic components for robotics, learning and DIY projects.
    And in particular: Arduino shields and relay, sensors, timers, breadboards and jumpers, LCD displays, USB and serial interfaces, sensors for the motion control, DIP adapters and chargers for LiPo batteries.
    Microbot is an italian company founded in 2008 by a dynamic group of Engineers graduated at “Sapienza” University of Rome: if you are an electronics lover hobbist or if you are a teacher or an electronic engineer, that products will be a good solution to help you to realize your applications.
    And if still not enough, you can try our conductive ink by BARE Conductive to draw in a simple electrical circuits or repair your electronic gadgets.

    Electronic components for robotics, learning and DIY projects / 35 products

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