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3D printers open source boards

What are the best 3D printers open source boards?
We used different boards for 3D printers in our projects, observed the operation of other and chatted of strengths and weaknesses of other cards yet with who has traveled alternate routes. For our 3D printer we started some time ago with a Sanguinololu 1.3a because we found it ready for use in a Prusa kit; shortly after we replaced with a Geeetech Printrboard , because it integrate the stepper’s drivers breaking down the costs, adding well also other minor improvements.
What is the most important thing when choosing a 3D printer board?
According with our experience, good support and good documentation. So now we use the boards in the series “Tronics”: Minitronics v 1.1, Megatronics v3 and the two Ultratronics. The Minitronics won for the quality than price; then when we found out that with a small cable and moving a jumper could directly power a Raspberry 5V (for mounting Octo Pi) we have determined the winner.