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    First, thank you for your enquiry.
    We will reply immediately. For particular information (such as the request for large quantities, the need to place an order as italian PA, the request for samples or some issues with the new version of this website) you can find a form directly in this page.

    For everything else, however, it is useful to first take a look at this FAQ list: it is a list that can still grow but it can be said that it covers 90% of the questions that customers usually ask us; if the answer you are looking for is not present or is not clear, using the form on the side is the best choice.
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    Here are the most frequently asked questions:

    Is it possible to receive a personalized quote?
    Of course, asking is always permitted: just use the form on the side, we’ll evaluate the situation.

    Are there discounts based on the quantity of product purchased?
    Yes the kits are available from 100 to 2000 pieces with progressive discounts based on the quantity purchased, for requests for larger quantities please write to us with the form in this page.

    Is it possible to pay with cash on delivery?
    Of course, just select cash on delivery at checkout and the courier will take care of everything. It is also possible to pay either by cash or by check, payable to proActiva di rozzoni Marco.

    When will I receive my goods?
    We deliver throughout Italy in Europe and if necessary also in the rest of the world and delivery times vary according to the selected destination address. Usually 24 or 48 hours from the moment of shipment are sufficient for delivery on the Italian territory; Your order is normally processed within 24-48 hours but for certain products it may take 3-5 working days. For more information, visit the page shipping and delivery times.

    Is it possible to request a press only for a trial or on free loan?
    At the moment it is not possible to order the press or presses only for a test run or for a loan for use contract. If the goal is to contain costs, we recommend buying a press with an interchangeable mold, combining it with a kit of at least 1000 pieces of the desired size: it will be very easy to amortize the cost of the material and the machine itself, even with just the first job (pins and magnets of a standard size they easily sell for at least 1.00 or 2.00 euros, which means that working on a kit of 1000 pieces can already bring in a considerable income.

    Is it possible to collect your order in Milan at your location?
    After 2020 we have eliminated the possibility of collecting your order from our office, but it is not certain that this shipping method cannot be proposed again in the future. Keep in mind that above 90.00 euros shipping, at least in Italy, is always free.

    What is the difference between a metal cutter and a plastic one?
    The metal cutter is more comfortable and allows you to work for longer by processing more material, while the plastic cutter is recommended for limited work sessions. Furthermore, the metal cutter, if well maintained, is practically eternal (even if it would be better to change the blades once every few years).

    Are your kits compatible with all presses on the market?
    Our kits have standard sizes but compatibility with any type of press on the market cannot be guaranteed. Our advice is to buy a kit with a low number of pieces to test the case or write to request samples using the form on this page. We have seen that with the same diameter, our kits are compatible with most of the presses we have come across but, obviously, complete compatibility is guaranteed only with our presses.

    Do you provide a tracking number to follow the delivery of the order?
    Yes, an email with tracking will arrive directly from the courier that will be used, which usually sends an email with the tracking number as soon as the courier receives your package. It will always be possible to write us an email to find out the status of the shipment in case the tracking has not automatically arrived.

    Is it possible to visit the warehouse or make purchases directly from you in Milan?
    No, unfortunately at the moment it is not possible but, in the future, nothing is precluded.