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MakerZONE is an online store dedicated to the makers, modelers, designers, inventors, dreamers, creative DIY, engineers and technology enthusiasts. MakerZONe is for all the people who wants to make something and are always looking for innovative materials and tools for their projects and creations.
MakerZONE is also a space for encounter and confrontation, where you can pick up the goods thus saving shipping costs.

An entire MakerZONE section is dedicated to the 3d printing filaments: here you can find from classical ABS and PLA, to the special wood, bronze, carbon fiber, HIPS or flexible filaments, in the classical 1.75 and 3mm formats.
Then there are two sections dedicated to electronical and mechanical components, where makers and designers can find the right solutions for their mechanical, robotics, automation and e projects.
And also: selling of sheets in standard formats of PMMA, an ideal material to realize models and case for electronics projects.
The section dedicated to pins production gathers all stuff you need to realize custom pins, magnets, key chains, rings, earrings, buttons… All you need is just a circular cutter in metal or plastic, a badge maker and consumable kit.
Finally, if you are looking for a gadget or a hobby a bit geek to relax yourself without disappointing your “maker” identity, take a trip in the new section GadGeek. Here you will find metal model Kit to create miniature 3D models of spacecrafts, hunting, spaceships and characters from the universe of Star Wars, Transformers, Star Trek, Halo and Mass Effect.

MakerZONE is an adventure of proActiva and MakeAllWeb

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Yoda Master